Artist Statement

Trained as an architect, organic farmer & public servant, I’m drawn to how rural/urban relations shape our climatic, cultural & ecological resilience. My artwork is collaborative, integrating mutual aspects of agroecology, green building, & community development. In 2015, I began augmenting greywater systems with irrigation tube sculptures to shift the dialogue in water reuse to broader audiences & to blur borders between art, agriculture, urban & rural.

Recent collaborators include:

  • The City of Sacramento
  • Tre Borden / Co
  • The Shop VSP
  • M5 Arts
  • The Lockup Artspace
  • Norton Factory Studios
  • Verge Artspace
  • Clunie Community Center
  • Unseen Heros
  • Sacramento Mural Festival
  • Hackerlab
  • Jake Castro
  • Trent Dean
  • Anna Valdez
  • Timothy Wong



Photography by Max Barrett